Despite the weather disturbance and suspension of classes ...
Published October 15, 2022 by CIO


Despite the weather disturbance and suspension of classes in the Municipality this week, work in CSU-Gonzaga remained unbothered.

Dr. Verdict Gonzales met the members of the CSU Gonzaga Faculty Association last October 12 to discuss matters on the organization’s accreditation, ratification of the CBL, review and revision of the CNA and the Mutual Aid IRR.

Subsequently, CEO Froilan A. Pacris, Jr. and Dr. Jay Omotoy, the Campus Planning Officer, convened the Contract of Service (COS) and Job Order (JO) employees for a meeting last October 13.

Dr. Omotoy discussed the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS), the different indicators aligned to the PBB, and the SUC Leveling Indicators for the Calendar Year 2022-2023.
CEO Pacris expressed his appreciation to Dr. Omotoy for his initiative and encouraged the COS and JO to work hard for the betterment of the university. “Give your best in everything you do. We want you to grow and be efficient and effective employees of the university,” Dr. Pacris said.

Photo credit: Prof. Shiena Marie Gano and Mr. Reden Lapena