OIC Pres. Ibañez leads dialogue with CSUG employees
Published May 13, 2024 by CIO


Dr. Arthur G. Ibañez, OIC President of Cagayan State University, visited CSU-Gonzaga and led the ‘Kapehan with Pres. Art,’ on May 10, 2024 at the MABRIC Conference hall. The dialogue focused on the sharing of strengths and weaknesses of the campus that the OIC-President wanted to know from the employees, themselves.
In his welcome remarks, CEO Dr. Froilan A. Pacris, Jr., lauded the President’s initiatives and efforts to make the vision and mission of the university realized. Further, he encouraged all employees to have meaningful discussion with the President. According to Dr. Pacris, the dialogue is a chance to have constructive discussion with the President and to address concerns that’ll benefit students and employees of the campus.
With the President’s calm aura, faculty and staff took the chance to share the strengths of the campus which according to the President are evident and should be sustained. The faculty and staff likewise shared their ‘wish lists’ and some challenges experienced by the campus in its operations and projects. These were properly addressed by the President.
Furthermore, Dr. Nilda Muñoz, a Scientist and Consultant of the university, who is also present during the dialogue, added that the greatest strength of the Gonzaga campus is its leader who stood beside all employees, created many opportunities and introduced development.
A cup of coffee served to all employees indeed made the vibe of the dialogue interactive and fun. The President with his good intention to serve selflessly for the benefit of many, was felt and everyone was at ease that the university is truly in good hands.
Photos taken by Ms. Deolice Maramag and Mr. Klen Dela Cruz