Our Farmers’ Field School trainees continue with their progress...
Published August 22, 2022 by Campus TVET Office


Weekly Training Updates on FFS!

August 18 to August 19, 2022

Our Farmers’ Field School trainees continue with their progress from discussions to field activity.

Prof. Marvin V. Baloloy and Sir Ferdinand B. Samortin, the trainers, together with Prof. Myraly L. Marcos, discussed Key Check 5: Conduct Nutrient Management, which to determine sufficient nutrients from tillering to early panicle initiation and flowering, also they’ve learned about the MOET Kit or Minus One Element Technique Kit, which determines the nutrient deficiencies in irrigated lowland rice soil, and fertilizer computation for them to determine the fertilizer rate for a particular nutrient.

The facilitators guided the trainees with their field activity, which the Double Mulching Technique, to conserve soil moisture and prevent competition from unwanted plants.

Progress is the first step to success, keep learning trainees!