Setting a clearer direction for employees of CSU-Gonzaga this year...
Published March 11, 2023 by CIO


Setting a clearer direction for employees of CSU-Gonzaga this year, the Campus Planning Office spearheaded the Performance Review and Target Setting on March 7 in the Administration Conference Hall. This was attended by all regular employees of the campus.

In the session, Dr. Jay Omotoy, the Campus Planning Officer, discussed the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) and New SUC Leveling guidelines as basis for the construction of Individual and Office Performance Commitment and Review.

To guide the employees in target setting, the Campus Budget Officer, Ms. Glenice Santiago presented the budget allotted for the different programs. Also, the campus annual plan, work and financial plan, continuity and catch up plans were presented by Dr. Omotoy.

In his message, CEO Froilan Pacris, Jr., lauded the importance of the activity in setting a clearer direction wherein all targets of each faculty member is in accordance to the university’s Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives and Targets and to specific SUC leveling performance indicators.

In the afternoon, employees undergone workshop in crafting annual plan, work and financial plan.

Photos: Prof Edison Villena and Ms. Hanna Lopez