'SoLEADers on Duty: Stand to Serve,'
Published September 29, 2022 by CIO


The blazing spirit of leadership is evident as leaders in the different colleges unite for a three-day Leadership Camp which began yesterday, September 29 until October 1, 2022

With the theme: 'SoLEADers on Duty: Stand to Serve,' leaders will be trained to step out from their comfort zone and embrace the responsibilities in leading despite the challenges. With the camp style military motif, leaders' endurance and resilience shall be tested like the training of a soldier who is ready to take on challenges he/she faces.

In the opening program, CEO Froilan A. Pacris Jr. commended and appreciated the leaders for their heart of service to the studentry. He left an advice to help the leaders balance various roles they play in life.

"Conquer these challenges with some strategies in mind, make a plan, coordinate and work closely with your members, stay focus on your goals, be flexible and creative, think outside the box, be open-minded and listen to suggestions from your advisers and teachers, and most of all, stay calm," Dr. Pacris, reiterated.

Further, the CEO appreciated the efforts of the Campus Student Council headed by its President, Jhon Lloyd Cabais and the Campus Publication as they, according to the CEO, are 'super active.'

Also during the opening program was the Oath taking of the newly elected Campus Faculty Association Officers.

Various speakers and activities were sat to be heard and done by the student-leaders to prepare them for the greater challenge they'll face in their leading journey.

For more details on the Leadership Camp, visit the Paragon FB page through this link: CSU-Gonzaga Paragon
Photo credit: John Austin Viloria, Paragon Photojournalist