A successful 2-day CSU-Wide Press Conference concluded at CSU-Gonzaga
Published February 25, 2023 by CIO


A successful 2-day CSU-Wide Press Conference concluded yesterday, February 24, at CSU-Gonzaga. The excitement was evident in all delegates’ faces; for once again after a decade of halt from University-Wide Press Con, the event reopened this year with 120 journalists in attendance coming from the eight campuses of CSU.

The event was made possible through the support of the University President, Dr. Urdujah G. Alvarado; Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mariden V. Cauilan, and Student Regent, Mr. John Michael Pattugalan. The armies who worked in the planning and execution were the Office of the Students Welfare and Development headed by Director Loraine Tattao, all CSU publication advisers and OSDW coordinators and the whole CSU-Gonzaga, the host campus, headed by CEO, Dr. Froilan Pacris, Jr.

Dr. Pacris warmly welcomed all delegates and vocally expressed his support to all activities that are centered on students’ development. Dr. Pacris likewise reminded the journalists of their mission that is vital to the current time.

“Your mission is to uncover and speak the truth. Use your voices to write and communicate the truth and relevant. Use your pen to inform, give updates, inspire and uplift the suppress. Be the voice of your co-students and let them feel that they’re not alone,” Dr. Pacris, said.

Furthermore, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mariden Cauilan, challenged all participating journalists to do more than winning and to take their responsibility for the university to come up with paper that is worthy of reading.
“You were given the privilege; make the most of it and do your responsibility as partners of the administration. Since you can write, do it right and make it positive as much as possible. Let us be developmental in our approach. There is so much to tell in terms of how our university is performing now. Focus on these instead,” Dr. Cauilan, said.

Lectures on the different journalistic tilts were led by the speakers: Mr. Michael Andrada, Mr. Franklin Castillejo and Mr. Julius Catulin. Writing contests were held immediately after the lectures. Top 5 spots were awarded in each category during the closing ceremony.

The University-Wide Press Conference was held in preparation for CSU’s participation for the Regional Higher Education Press Conference to be held on March 8-10 at Nueva Vizcaya.

Photos: John Austin Viloria, Paragon Photojourn; Prof. Rhey Jhune Cacao and Prof. Edison Villena