CSUG welcomes QSU-Diffun on Benchmarking activity on Bamboo Propagation
Published April 06, 2023 by CIO


CSUG welcomes QSU-Diffun on Benchmarking activity on Bamboo Propagation

A team from Quirino State University-Diffun campus headed by Dr. Hermenegildo F. Samoy, their University President, was welcomed by the Research, Development and Extension (RDE) staff of Cagayan State University-Gonzaga in their Benchmarking Activity on Bamboo Propagation on April 4, 2023.

Dr. Romar Banadero, the Campus Extension Coordinator, introduced to them the Campus Niche program centered on Bamboo-Based Agroforestry. He proudly presented CSU-Gonzaga as Tangkiran Haven and Bamboo Sanctuary of the North. He likewise introduced the members of the RDE team and shared the history of Bamboo Production in the campus.

On the other hand, Dr. Ervin Leonador, a retired College of Agriculture professor and Bamboo specialist, presented the different researches made on Bamboo and the best practices of CSU-Gonzaga relative to propagation and production of Bamboo.

Thereafter, the team toured the campus’s Bamboo Gene Bank, Bamboo Sanctuary and Bamboo gallery.
In the closing ceremony, Dr. Samoy, QSU President, thanked CSU-Gonzaga for the warm accommodation and lauded the accomplishments of the campus in their Bamboo Production advocacy.
“CSU-Gonzaga is a beautiful campus. We learned a lot from this benchmarking activity and we indeed believe that Bamboo is a solution to mitigating climate change. Next time we come here, we hope that we can already establish partnership in Bamboo shoots food production,” Dr. Samoy, shared.

Furthermore, Dr. Samoy shared other products that QSU is developing like Bignay wine, Banana chips, Ginmeric tea and coffee. It is the hope of President Samoy to seal partnership with CSU in the future in the production and commercialization of these products.

Also, Mr. Joel Carig, the Head of the Clonal department of QSU, thanked the Gonzaga campus for the information shared. He added that the technology presented will surely be adapted in their campus.

Source and Photos: Campus RDE Office