Learning continues as our trainees in Farmers’ Field School excel...
Published August 15, 2022 by Campus TVET Office


Weekly Training Updates on FFS!

August 11 to August 12, 2022

Learning continues as our trainees in Farmers’ Field School excel in every discussion and activity prepared by the trainers during their weekly training.

Prof. Marvin V. Baloloy and Sir Ferdinand B. Samortin, the trainers, discussed Key Check 4: sufficient number of healthy seedlings, specifically on the: 1. Proper ways in taking care of seedlings, which talks about direct wet seed rice on the number of rice bags in every hectare, and; 2. Under manual transplanted rice, which talks about the distancing of hills in every 1 hectare on the planting of seedlings. Engr. Rexie B. Guillermo, the trainer in Rice Machinery Operations NC II, discussed Land Preparation and Crop Establishment in relation to their assigned topic for the week.

Despite the bad weather, it didn’t stop them to do the activities prepared by the facilitators which added to their initiatives in keeping up with the lessons.

Practice makes it perfect, but training will make you successful!