CSU-Gonzaga responded to the call of Vice Mayor Maria Olivia Pascual in the conduct of capacity building on Bamboo Propagation
Published February 21, 2023 by CIO


CSU-Gonzaga responded to the call of Vice Mayor Maria Olivia Pascual in the conduct of capacity building on Bamboo Propagation to employees of LGU Lallo on February 7, 2023.

During the opening program, VM Pascual shared that the activity was originally planned for the Zonta Club of Tuguegarao, a group that she leads. One of the programs that the organization is pushing is the ‘Ozone Care’ which stands for Organized Zonta Club Environmental Care which focuses on the propagation of Bamboo to mitigate soil erosion and flooding. However, due to insufficiency of fund, VM Pascual sought the approval of the Hon. Mayor of Lallo to support the implementation of this advocacy in the said Municipality. This was immediately approved and funded by the Mayor and is now in full swing in the municipality. But due to limited technical know-how in propagating Bamboo and insufficiency of equipment to use, VM Pascual tapped the expertise of CSU-Gonzaga.

Leading the capacity building, the Bamboo ‘Warriors’ of CSU-Gonzaga shared their expertise through lectures and hand-on activity in Bamboo Propagation, Nursery Management and Plantation Establishment.
Among the speakers of the activity were Dr. Froilan Pacris, Jr., who tackled the financial marketing aspects of Bamboo and CSU Bamboo Program; Dr. Romar Banadero who discussed the social, economic and environmental benefits of Bamboo and priority Bamboo species; Dr. Ervin Leonador, who presented the best practices, completed and on-going researches in Bamboo Propagation of the campus; Mr. Jeff Opeña, who showed the process of developing a Bamboo nursery and Mr. Marvin Baloloy who discussed the establishment of Bamboo Plantation.

Thereafter, participants were given hands-on experience in selection of Bamboo cuttings, soil media preparation and planting.

The activity was even made more fruitful with the engagement of Dr. Lorenzo Caranguian, a retired Regional Executive Director of the Department of Agriculture Region 02 and the President of the Cagayan Bamboo Industry Development Council.

According to him, investing to learn on something is not a waste of money and time. For them to be able to join any government program, be it in greening, forestry, or flood control, they have to go back to Bamboo and the basics in growing bamboo. Hence, the one-day activity is an opportunity to learn something new that’ll impact many lives in their community.

The capacity building was attended by various offices and agencies in the Municipality of Lallo like Vice Mayor’s office, RIC, MENRO, Tucalana group, MDRRMO, Tourism, Zonta Club.

Dr. Froilan Pacris, Jr., the CEO of the Gonzaga campus, thanked the team of the Honorable Vice Mayor for being a mover and warrior for Mother Nature, and for trusting CSU-Gonzaga in their quest towards protecting environment through Bamboo Propagation.

Photos: Ms. Jean Torres, RDE staff and Hanna Therese Lopez, staff CEO's office