Campus KTM initiated Training-Worksh op on Research Statistics
Published November 18, 2022 by CIO


A mind-twisting yet fun and learning-filled day at CSU-Gonzaga as today, November 17 marked the beginning of the Training-Workshop on Statistics with the faculty members as participants.

Opening the two-day Statistics Training, Dr. Avelina Ayuyang, the Campus KTM Coordinator, emphasized that the training will capacitate faculty-researchers with the use of different statistical tools in analyzing research results.

The CEO of the Gonzaga campus, Dr. Froilan A. Pacris, Jr., likewise, encouraged the faculty members to take part actively in the activity. He urged them to invest in research for their future and for the future of CSU.

Gracing the training as the Resource Speaker, Mr. Allan T. Tabuyo, the KTM Coordinator of CSU Lallo campus, discussed the use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). A workshop was held thereafter.

With many lessons learned, the faculty members of CSU-Gonzaga survived the last day of training in Statistics today, November 18.

Through the intelligent speakers, Prof. Allan Tabuyo and Prof. Nargolic Utanes, the participants had a clearer understanding on what appropriate Statistical tool/s to be used and interpreting the results properly.

Prof. Avelina Ayuyang, the Campus KTM coordinator, hoped that the application of this training will be evident in their research outputs in the future.

Concluding the event, Prof. Marvin Baloloy, the Research coordinator of the campus thanked everyone who contributed in making the event a success.

Photos: Prof. Rhey Jhune Cacao