A Virtual RDE In-house Review was held in CSU-Gonzaga on September 15, 2022
Published September 15, 2022 by Campus Information Office


A Virtual RDE In-house Review was held in CSU-Gonzaga on September 15, 2022 where a total of 45 Research and Extension projects were presented along Social, Experimental, Product Development, Technology-Based, and RDE Integrated Projects and Extension.

With the 45 RDE projects and programs, 28 were proposals, 8 were on-going researches, and 9 were completed.
With CSU Gonzaga’s niche program on Bamboo-Based Agroforestry and the mobilization of the Bamboo Sanctuary which is set to better the Local Agri tourism industry, Dr. Urdujah G. Alvarado, CSU President, called researchers in the campus to produce more research outputs to further boost and promote the campus’s niche.

Moreover, the President pointed out that with CSU’s current position, conducting research would be of help in alleviating the lives of the community and battle the challenges of the new normal. She commended the RDE team and faculty members for actively presenting dynamic, innovative and interesting research outputs. Also, the President thanked the panel members for their efforts in bettering and improving the quality of research presented.

The panel members who critiqued the presentations were Dr. Junel Guzman, Vice President for Research, Development and Extension, Director Julius Capili, Director Josie Bas-ong, Director Gilbert Magulod, Dr. Calixto Alicay and Rowena Guzman of DOST.

Further, the President hoped that through the different presentations, more researches shall meet the portals of international refereed journals, and likewise the findings of researches do not just reach the pages of publications, but more so, to improve the lives of beneficiaries through extension.

Photo credits: Mr. Shadrick Esteban and Ms. Jean Torres