CSUG joins NWMC ‘23
Published March 07, 2023 by Paragon


𝗡𝗘𝗪𝗦 | CSUG joins NWMC ‘23; CEO Pacris says recognizing gender equality is seeing women as empowered
Anchored with the theme, “We for Gender Equality and Inclusive Society,” this year’s National Women’s Month celebration highlights women as active contributors to the development and progress of the nation.

Cagayan State University Gonzaga lined up activities yesterday initiated by Prof. Rizzalou Garma, the Campus Gender Awareness and Development (GAD) coordinator, to participate in the said celebration. The activities include gift and token-giving to female teachers, faculty, and staff.

In his speech, Dr. Froilan A. Pacris, Jr., the Campus Executive Officer, emphasized his support for women’s progress through time. He enumerated the significant roles of women that are demanded today and reiterated his stand on gender equality.

“Seeing women as more empowered rather than weak is recognizing gender equality. The progress of women is progress for a nation. No gender is inferior. To live a peaceful and better life, we need to recognize each one, whether this is women, men, or some other gender preferences,” he said.

Moreover, Dr. Pacris encouraged everyone to break free from what society dictates. He reminded men to not be jealous of the treatment for women, and that their support is essential in elevating their women's statuses.

Meanwhile, the Campus Student Council awarded the certificates to the winners of the Film Fest last Feb. 14.

Prior to the celebration, the students were encouraged to wear purple clothes every Wednesday of the month to show their support and join the call to advance women’s rights and gender equality and end discrimination against women.

Article by Pamela Saturno
Photos by John Austin Viloria