Campus GAD office speaks on Gender Sensitivity to Newly Hired Employees
Published April 21, 2023 by CIO


Campus GAD office speaks on Gender Sensitivity to Newly Hired Employees

To orient newly-hired employees on the importance of gender sensitivity in their dealings and in fulfilling their functions in their respective workplaces, the campus GAD office spearheaded a Seminar on Gender Sensitivity on April 20 in the conference hall, admin building.

Prof. Rizzalou Garma, the Campus GAD coordinator and the speaker, thanked the employees for their presence and reiterated the significance of being aware and sensitive to others’ rights that should be evident in their words and actions.

“This seminar was designed to create awareness to all new members of the CSU community on the basic concepts of Gender and Development and involve them in identifying problems and solutions to gender issues experienced in workplace,” Prof. Rizza said.

The seminar began with a brainstorming activity on the identification of physical differences and other attributes of male and female. Each group explained the concepts they related on the gender assigned to them.

Further, participants’ were equipped with concepts of gender, the significance of gender awareness and sensitivity in the workplace which will propel them to be effective in their respective roles in the campus.

Source: GAD office
Photos: Ms. Hanna Therese Lopez, staff CEO’s office