The role of Security Personnel in the academe is vital ...
Published October 20, 2022 by CIO


The role of Security Personnel in the academe is vital in ensuring that the lives of employees and students, information and assets of the campus are protected. Hence, a Capacity Building for Security Personnel of CSU-Gonzaga was held today, October 19, 2022 to retrain them of their roles.

Through the leadership of Dr. Emily P. Garcia, the College of Criminal Justice Education in partnership with the Human Resource Management Office, made the activity possible.
In the training, a discussion was done by Dr. Jomel B. Pinera, a faculty member of CCJE, on the Basic Concept of Security, Security Guard force’s Mandate, Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Standards, Physical Security and its Principle, Security barriers and other protective barrier, Security Survey and Security Patrol, and Basic Report Writing.

In Dr. Jomel’s opening remarks, he emphasized that the capacity building shall help them internalize the professional conduct and ethical standards of the security profession, and he hoped that what they’ll learn in the capacity building shall be put into practice.

Ms. Jennylyn Alnajes, the HR officer, likewise expressed her appreciation to the college for initiating such activity that is deemed necessary.

A continuation of the capacity building shall be held on October 21 wherein physical activities and simulation will be experienced by the participants.

Photo credit: Mr. Reden Lapena